Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'd Like to Share My Secret of a Healthy Life and Longevity

I just celebrated my 77th birthday with my friends and after they saw me dancing
some of the more strenuous ballroom dancing, they came to me and asked me what is my secret of all that energy and longevity. So, I want to share it with you.

Well, first of all, I watch what I eat. No fatty foods as much as possible. I believe in servings of fruits and vegetables. I eat cakes and pastries very rarely. I believe in regular exercises that you can comfortably afford to do at least three times a week. I am a martial artist, so although I do not do competitions anymore, I could still do my forms at home regularly.

I am a perpetual student of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-chemicals and antioxidants. I believe in the theory of free radicals destroying our body cells. I believe that antioxidants block the free radicals in doing damage to our cells. So I believe in antioxidants blocking free radicals which cause us to age and cause inflammatory and degenerative changes in our body including cancer.

So I have always been active in looking for the best antioxidants in the market. And
let me tell y0u what I found: I found Limu Plus, promoted by Vitamark International.
Limu Plus has helped me and members of my family and friends to stay healthy.

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My secret is no longer a secret. Share it with your friends and I am sure they will thank you for it.

Your friend,

Dr. Awitan

Ariston P Awitan, M.D.